Mommy + Me - Emily and Alaina

It seems as though lately I have come across so many moms talking about documenting the days of their children, and how seldom they are recorded in their own photographs. Momtogs are no exception to the rule! Sometimes we are so busy capturing everyone else we forget we are important too. 

When I came up with my idea for my Mother's Day Mommy + Me set I knew just who to ask to model! None other than my friend and fellow Momtog Emily and her adorable baby girl Alaina! 

Moms are love, they are sacrifice and encouragement, they are the preserver's of family memories, they should be in them too! 

Take a peek at a beautiful morning of sunshine, music and memories to cherish...

What are your best childhood memories of your mom? 

What will be your children's favourite memories of you? 

Get in touch to book your own Mommy + Me session ~ you deserve it. xo