Just the other day I was visiting with one of my closest friends, we drank tea and chatted while our littles played. We discussed our passions and our struggles and she asked me WHY... why photography. I told her because I love capturing authentic moments, I love seeing others light up with the people they love. I want to tell the story of their connections.

That would have been enough of an answer for most but she asked me to go deeper. She told me to open up... 

The deepest part of me loves photography because it is my escape, and my expression. Life is challenging, and not always easy. Sometimes it’s dark. For me, some of my greatest hardships happened in my very early years. I didn’t always have the makings for happy memories. My resilience has always been art, and a focus on details. My head was in the clouds, and that was fine by me, art was protection, and my armor. I looked to find beauty, or create it. Pencils, paint, a polaroid. Despite the chaos, there was always something beautiful to be found, to be created, to get lost in.  

Even in the face of uncertainty, we all have the ability to create beautiful memories to hold onto.  

Photography is my unyielding HOPE. 
My strive for true connection.  
My endless search for beauty. 
My legacy of heartfelt moments. 

I am 50% calm introvert and 50% frazzle, dazzle creative mess = Full-time Momtog.

When I am not spending time cuddled up at home, or out on crazy adventures with my little family of four I am striving to capture those beautiful heartfelt everyday moments in the life of others. There are stories all around, waiting to be told.

It’s less what the eye see’s and more what the soul feels